Safe and Simple

Simple & Safe Smart Home Security

Enables you to fully manage your home security through your smartphone, tablet or PC. Would you like total peace of mind when you are in your property, or when you are away from your property. We can help you to have total peace of mind re the security of your HOME. With one of the latest GSM Wi Fi automated messaging systems, it will inform you within seconds of an ALARM alert on your home alarm system. We can also install live camera´s within your property with motion sensors. Its all down to what is best for you the client. We at Safe and Simple alarms listen to you. You and your homes protection are paramount to us. Our aim is complete customer satisfaction. We have been in Spain for over 18 years helping clients with TV this we now know is a natural progression having bench tested many systems both good and bad.

Safe and Simple Alarms

Our GSM alarm solution uses the latest design of components with outstanding functions and features. For example, certain system enables you to enter pre-set times for automatic arm and disarm therefore not needing to use a key fob or enter commands on the control panel. Sending a text message to the alarm system enables you to remotely arm the alarm, disarm the alarm or check the current status of the alarm. This feature is very useful if you leave the property and cannot remember if you armed your alarm or not … by sending an arm command from your phone app you will get a reply from the alarm confirming it´s status.

When using the Home Arm feature you can configure each sensor to be active or in-active, this means that should you want all PIR active downstairs and perhaps a PIR in a bedroom not active at night you can pre-set the feature by enabling a partial arm.

The second a sensor is activated YOU receive a message direct to your phone. Should you have an automated camera installed with if you wanted it a motion detector it will follow the intruder, you have a record facility in the camera plus you can take a picture from your phone.

Another feature of this alarm is that you can select if you want the external siren to sound when you press a panic button if installed. That’s why it´s a Simple and Safe Alarm.