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Moving To Villa Martin

Villa martin is great area to live and is close to the Orihuela Costa Beaches. The fantastic Villa Martin Plaza with it´s renowned restaurants and bars. A centre stage for extravagant shows on a regular basis for your enjoyment. You have…

Mag Boxes is it time to swap!

Mag Boxes Well by now many of you will be aware that Infomir the manufacturers of the mag have gone legal. That is not good for the owners of mag boxes its maybe time to upgrade to Android Tv boxes they can be many times quicker plus the…

Vera Season 11-Back on ITV

Vera will be back,we know it will continue in on ITV ITV Vera is back on Sunday 29th August, with episode two airing the following week on ITV. English Tv in Spain and Brtish Tv in Spain Can't wait.
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New drama series available on sky tv and free to air television.

Vigil is a British police drama BBC One on the free to air platform, and on the sky tv platform on the free to air section. This will have glued to your seats, especially the submarine scenes they are amazing, it´s just like a book you can.t…
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Satellite Signal loss The Equinox!

The eqinox is what happens every FEB/MARCH and SEPT/OCT every year we get phone calls by the bucket load this makes the Sky 28.2 Astra Satellite lose  its signal strength effecting Itv BBC  all our channels for about 30 minutes then…

Free To Air

Hi there Ladies and Gentlemen Again this time of the year we get sun spots etc that does cause havoc with certain Tv channels during the morning and through to late afternoon there is really nothing any one can do about this it wll carry…

LOSS OF SIGNAL 11AM Mas-Minus Iptv Costa Blanca English Tv Costa Blanca IPTV Costa Blanca

LOSS OF SIGNAL MID MORNING SPRING AUTUMN It's the time of year again when you can lose your satellite signals for a few minutes mid morning I mention it each year but still YOU ring up saying my BBC has gone off Don't panic - it is the spring…
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Kodi Fire Stiks DO NOT BUY THEM. IPTV Costa Blanca Iptv Spain English Tv Costa Blanca

Well here I am again going on about Kodi or Fire Stiks, I will say it again because I still see many clients coming to see us to buy IPTV because they are not happy with Kodi or fire Stik they are to say the least very frustrated. Our IPTV is…
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Holiday Packages talk to Us IPTV Costa Blanca Iptv Spain

HOLIDAY PACKAGES ONLY Premium IPTV services various choices available Ideal for those visiting there Holiday homes short term or wanting a pay as you go type system. We can supply Wi Fi HD set top…

Nordic Sports, Swedish sports, Danish Sports, Finnish Sports, Norwegian Sports

Nordic Sports television now available to you here in Spain or anywhere in the world, has the answer now for any Nordic tv.