Vera Season 11 release date

Vera will be back,we know it will continue in 2022. ITV Vera is back on Sunday 29th August, with episode two airing the following week on ITV. English Tv in Spain and English Tv in Spain Can't wait

Creepy Horror Series

This creepy horror series from Sky Tv in Germany gives the viewer a great classic haunted house story. The action transports you to a grimy, rundown apartment block in a very poor area English tv in spain and Iptv in Spain keeping you…

The Nevers season 1

Joss Whedon’s first original series in more than a decade is this exciting looking sci-fi drama set in an alternate version of Victorian London. It follows a group of superpowered women, known as The Touched, who band together to fight back…

Great series avalable on sky tv and free to air

Vigil is a British police procedural television miniseries created by Tom Edge and produced by World Productions. The six-part series commenced on BBC One on the free to air platform, and on Sky TV BOXES on the free to air section. English…

Satellite Signal loss March and October

The eqinox is what happens every FEB/MARCH and SEPT/OCT every year we get phone calls by the bucket load this makes the Sky 28.2 Astra Satellite lose  its signal strength effecting Itv BBC  all our channels for about 30 minutes then…

Sky Tv Uk have just made some changes to their Sky TV line up.

Sky 1 is being replaced by showcase but with lots more content but no on demand. Sky Showcase will show a lot of great Sky Tv content from various parts of the Sky TV Entertainment, Sky Discovery, Sky Max, Sky Comedy, Sky Kids. Sky Tv are…

PSG 2-0 Man City highlights and reaction

Manchester City are beaten by Paris Saint-Germain in their second Champions League Group A clash of the season at the Parc des Princes. English Tv In Spain And IPTV IN SPAIN says it was scintillating Football Pep Guardiola couldn't mastermind…

MAG BOXES 03/09/2020

Ok as some clients know today MAG BOXES decided not to work from what we can gather it's two fold one various internet centres went down (WORLDWIDE) but it only affected MAG BOXES from what we are seeing. But remember a good while ago Infomir…
You want we have

MAG BOXES PROBLEMS yes Mags Have gone Legal which is not good. Beware

Hi For information only as you may well be aware a problem throughout the world with OUTAGES on internet servers effecting mainly mags nothing to do with your service from who ever you get it, its a major issue, also be aware MAGS maker has…

Sky Tv in Spain Sky Tv Costa Blanca can we get Sky is it legal.!!!

Sky Tv in Spain what you need to know, our guide to getting Sky tv in Spain, which in most cases is illega, Iptv In Spain. We want you to know what risk you may be taking bringing your Sky box to any foreign country Sky do not want their Sky…