Hi Folks

I just wanted all you good people out there to know that Fire Sticks Kodi and the like do not work anywhere as good as IPTV ask your friends research on Google both Fire Stick and Kodi via Androids have a limited shelf life because both need the APPS updating on a regular basis and unfortunately that does not always happen. Movies and Box Sets are sometimes good on both devices but try and watch Liverpool vs Man United forget it go to the pub it will in general not happen 3 years ago they were good now they dying a slow death DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY. It’s not sour grapes I did use them NOT ANY MORE they are too much trouble the interface is very poor the streams buffer etc etc. As my good old mam used to say you get nothing for nothing in this world. Fire Sticks and Android can be bought from as little as 25€ to 40€ for Fire Stick the APPS ARE ALL FREE FREE FREE so you paying 80€ 160€ is not a good deal. DO NOT BUY THEM SAVE YOUR MONEY YOU WILL THROW IT IN THE BIN EVENTUALLY. Even if you do not buy from me make sure you buy IPTV not Kodi Not Fire Stick.