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Well here I am again going on about Kodi or Fire Stiks, I will say it again because I still see many clients coming to see us to buy IPTV because they are not happy with Kodi or fire Stik they are to say the least very frustrated. Our IPTV is very easy to use and has a great interface all channels are section off for you. We did do these FREE KODI and FIRE stiks but that was 3 4 yrs ago and they were ok for the price, now because they are difficult to set up and to keep having to update them too often we decided no more. They are also not that user friendly to get to the channel you want and more often than not it will fail. Mobdro is not bad but that’s on my phone on my HD TV it is not a good picture. The FREE films and Box sets on the Kodi or Fir Stik are good whilst the app is LIVE I have seen so many good ones come and go I WOULD NOT SELL ONE TO YOU. I think that says it all. I am not saying just buy from me just don’t buy Kodi or Fire Stik save your money.

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