Well what can I say, INFOMIR have been making and selling Mag Boxes for over 10 years knowing FULL WELL they were being used to stream illegal TV. As of a few days days ago they have done a u turn and now they are the POACHER  knowing that Sky Tv Sky Tv Italy Canal Plus Bt were being used in there boxes so now they have become the GAME KEEPER so Iptv in Spain is more difficult.

They have started to send software down to all there boxes with a message appearing on screen saying this site is copy right etc saying contact your supplier.

YOU SUPPLIER’S CAN DO NOTHING AT THIS MOMENT IN TIME because its the MANUFACTURER that has done this and it could get WORSE going forward for all Mag Box owners.

Obviously people are talking about this all over the internet and it will get into all MAG BOXES going forward so will affect all suppliers in turn.

One sure fire way to avoid is to use ANDROID Tv Boxes but do not rush into anything until it has all settled down it did affect VIDEO CLUBS and SERIES but it looks like series are back on some boxes.

I will do another update on Monday if I have sufficient information to give to anyone out there.