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Dutch Tv in Spain Nederlandse tv in Spanje

Here at We can help you get the tv you want from the country of your choice. English tv Spain,  we can help other Nationalities if we can’t we can point you in the right direction. Are you looking for Dutch Tv in…
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AS much as British expats love the Spanish sun, we miss our British TV. Which is why hundreds of businesses circle that need like Griffon vultures over Andalucia – many honest, many less so. The magic boxes offering Sky, Premier League,…

Loss Of Channels 27/9/2019

As I believe you are probably aware by now from all the front pages of the local news papers that IPTV in Spain has been hit by POLICE in Italy causing most suppliers re-sellers etc to lose channels and the main panel with details of all clients. We…


This link is interesting Sky Tv BT The Fa The Premiership this guys believes everyone will lose there Sky TV and IPTV in Spain the guy is on a mission. Pete
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The Xtream Codes IPTV in Spain Takedown is Complex and Confused By Andy on September 19, 2019 C: 0 Breaking The international law enforcement action against Xtream Codes and what appear to be several entities using its services is a complex…

Blocked Mag Boxes 2

This is the press release from INFOMIR THEY ARE TELLING YOU TO CONTACT YOUR SUPPLIER KNOWING THAT YOUR SUPPLIER CANNOT HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE READ Infomir is an international company operating in over 150 countries globally. As a…


Well what can I say, INFOMIR have been making and selling Mag Boxes for over 10 years knowing FULL WELL they were being used to stream illegal TV. As of a few days days ago they have done a u turn and now they are the POACHER  knowing that…


We at  ENGLISHTV IN SPAIN have been helping clients from all over the world in getting quality TV from home, where ever they are in the world. We have a comprehensive portfolio of channels for you to enjoy at the best prices possible with…

IPTV SPAIN Every Channel You would Ever Want Or Need

We at have been supplying tv here in Spain and abroad for over 18 years we have built a loyal client base from Sweden,Denmark,France, Belgium, Holland, Russia and other countries because here on the costa's we have a very…